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Regarding Handling of Personal Information

As a corporation devoted to making a global contribution, LASER CLADDING Japan Co Ltd is fully aware of the importance of the protection of personal information. In order to fulfill the social responsibilities of our corporation, we accept the following policy regarding the protection of personal information, and will protect it and meet with the trust placed in us by society through the careful, accurate handling of all personal information.

It is our corporate duty to respect individuals, heighten the mutual loyalty between our customers and employees, and contribute to sending talented individuals out onto the global stage.

  • The collection, use and provision of personal information will only be performed within the range of achieving our business goals, only with the prior consent of the one providing the information, and all information will be handled using a replete management system.
  • In regard to unauthorized access of personal information, or unauthorized alteration or leaks etc. of personal information, suitable safety measures will always be in place, either technological or managerial.
  • All laws, ordinances and other guidelines regarding personal information shall be strictly observed.
  • In order to ensure the safe and correct handling of personal information, the personal information management system will also be periodically reviewed, and suitably required changes made as appropriate.

Guidelines April 6, 2015
Managing Director, Yasufumi Ueyama

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